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Bird Control Videos

Bird B Gone bird control product training videos offer a comprehensive look at the most used products in the industry. You will not only learn how to install the products, but also learn where and when to use them. If you have any questions with a bird control product installation feel free to contact us at 877-338-6843.

Why Bird B Gone?

Bird Wire

Bird Wire once installed creates an unstable landing are for larger birds like crows, pigeons, and gulls. It is easy to install and an economical way to keep pest birds from landing on flat surfaces like ledges, windowsills, parapet walls and other areas birds are a problem.

Introduction to Bird Wire

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are ideal to use when larger birds like pigeons and gulls are landing on areas like parapet walls, window ledges, channel letters and other flat surfaces. They are easily installed with glue or screws and carry the industry leading guarantees; 5-years for plastic bird spikes and 10-years for the stainless steel bird spikes.

Introduction to Plastic Bird Spikes

Introduction to Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Bird Slope

Bird Slope is ideal for use on ledges that have a 45-degree angle. The PVC slope pieces are too slippery for birds to get a foothold and they slide off, making it impossible to land on the treated area.

Introduction to Bird Slope

Bird Netting

Getting Started with Bird Netting

Bird Jolt Flat Track

Bird Jolt Flat Track is easy to install and maintain. Ideal for use with all birds; the track gives the birds a small “jolt” which teaches them to move to a more hospitable area. The Bird Jolt Track System is the lowest profile bird control product on the market, making it ideal for high visibility areas.

Introduction to Bird Jolt Flat Track

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